Stuff for Sale

Selling a few things.

I do not have a car so you must be able to pick up in Champaign.

MP5 Battery Powered Airsoft Gun, Battery, Charger and 1,000 BB Rounds. $50 in great working condition. Looks realistic except for Orange Tip on Silencer.

DVDs $4 Each

Nightmare on Elm Street
American Psycho
Nightwatch (Russian Action/Horror Movie)
The Story of O

RPG Books all Mint or good Condition

Wraith the Oblivion 2nd Ed Hardcover Autographed by Artists and Writers $50.00 Rare Collectors Item Includes Free Storytellers Screen.
End of Empire (Wraith) $20
Guildbook: Artificers $15

Abberant Sold as Set $40
Abberant Main Guide
Terragen Guide
Project Utopia Guide
Elites Guide

If interested anything please e-mail masterhemlocke at yahoo dot com or comment here.
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Volition is looking for playtesters

Volition, a video game developer located in downtown Champaign Illinois, needs YOU to help us make better games. Enroll in our PlayTest/BetaTest program, and you could be playing games as they are being developed.

Previous participants have PlayTested games like Saints Row and The Punisher before they were released.

Our game studies range from on-line surveys requiring only a few minutes, lengthy Usability or PlayTests that can take 2-3 hours, to week long BetaTests, always scheduled at your convenience. And if you are selected - you will be appropriately compensated for your time and your help. You must be 18 years or older to participate.

To be considered for future studies and enroll in our PlayTest program, please complete this short survey:


Volition collects this information for the sole purpose of matching you with an appropriate study. All information is kept confidential and will not be distributed outside of Volition. For more details read our privacy policy. (http://thq.com/legal/privacy.php)

Note: This PlayTest program is different than the QA Testing Group who test console games to find bugs and problems. If you are interested in a full-time job - the QA Test program may be for you. http://www.volition-inc.com/Jobs/QATesters

Any question about this process can be sent to: game_survey@volition-inc.com.

Volition, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of THQ Inc. (http://thq.com ) Publisher of Summoner and Red Faction for the PC/Mac and PlayStation 2, The Punisher for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, and Saints Row for the Xbox360.


Have Your Say About The Banning Of Manhunt 2 In Britain!

I'm sure that lots of people have been disappointed by the BBFC's decision to ban manhunt 2 from being sold in Britain.

Anyone that has been affected by this decision, or is simply annoyed by this, have your say by emailing the BBFC. I received a quick reply from them, so don't hesitate to contact them addressing your concerns.

You will hopefully email them if you don't like being treated like a baby, and think that adults should have the right ot make their own decisions. I emphasised this point in my emails to them.

The email address is: contact_the_bbfc@bbfc.co.uk
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Has Anyone Tried Either of the New WW Board Games?

As I recall from previous entries, this community isn't too heavy on White Wolf games.  However, I wanted to see if anyone had an opportunity to try out either Exalted: War for the Throne or Monster Mayhem.  The concept of both games sounded like fun, but I wanted to get some input and perhaps give them a try before I invested monetarily in either.

Selling a Wii

I am selling my Nintendo Wii, which is only a month old, don't really want to but having a bit of a crisis and need the money.


Wii console w/ original WiiMote and Nunchuck
Wii Sports
1 Classic Controller
3 downloaded Classic games Super Mario Bros, PunchOut!, and Super Mario 64
a One year warranty with original receipts.

I am asking $300.00 OBO

please contact masterhemlocke at yahoo dot com

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board games anyone?

Hi there!  I just moved back to Champaign after being away for 11 years, and am looking for new friends who like to play strategy board games.  Favorites currently in my possession include Puerto Rico, Caylus, Settlers/Seafarers of Catan, St. Petersburg, Bohnanza, and Shadows Over Camelot; the rest of my collection is still in storage with the moving company.  :)

Any existing gaming groups open to adding new members?  Any other individual gamers potentially interested in starting a group?  Let me know!

I'm also a big fan of trick-taking card games like bridge and hearts (not so much into poker, though).